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Happy Girl

Erotique DVD has been rebuilt and now offers 15 DVD s for one flat price of $40. If you are looking for the best possible quality erotic content this site is for you. A DVD has a high bitrate (the amount of information that makes up the picture) and as the picture is mad by your DVD player and not your computers processor you get a true 25 frames per second. If you use a an upscaling DVD player you can get a great High Definition image.


For a one off price of $40 you get 15 DVD images to download and burn to DVD on your own computer. Each DVD contains three story films, stripteases and photographs. The unique content is only available in this form here. Add these great movies to your DVD collection now



A lot of our work is advertising Cinema Erotique, you may have noticed there is quite a lot of erotic material on the Internet, so it not easy or cheap to build an audience. On a modest level we buy some ads, and then there is the question, which advert is best, which advert represents Cinema Erotique best? It maybe that the advert that gets the smallest visitors is the best if the people that visit join. Impossible to tell so we normally choose the advert that gets the most clicks. Can you guess which advert gets the most clicks?

Megan Moon to Star in New Movie

Megan Moon has been booked to play in Cinema Erotique’s two new movies to be shot soon. ” PORN -The Musical ” and “Hell” are both in pre production and the actresses are being booked as we go to press.  The Music, Lyrics have been already written and recorded. The musical with have 4 musical numbers with singing and dancing. Costumes are being bought and locations checked.

Barbie’s Washday

When you think erotic cinema I doubt if you think of animated films. Cinema Erotique’s latest movie stars that legend Barbie. Barbie and porn are two sides of the same coin. An ideal picture of a fantasy woman.

Pre production took several months searching for Barbie furnature, Barbie beds, Barbie underwear, even a Barbie washing machine! The short 3 minute film took over a month to shoot on a specially built set. Each second of screen time involving moving the dolls 12 times frame by frame. Each shot took several hours to film with HD stilll cameras. The production was shot on a Nikon Macro lens with very long exposures to allow for a good depth of field with small models. The biggest cost was electrical power as it took from 2 to 4 kilowatts to like each shot and the lights were on for a month. The shots were assembled, colour corrected, exported as video and edited. Titles, music, sound effects and voice over finished the film. It has been well recieved and will be shown later this year at the San Francisco Erotic Film festival.

New Model

Introducing Jessie Smith a beautiful new model at Cinema Erotique. We have done two photoshoots of Jessie and the results can be seen at Cinema Erotique over the next few weeks.